Caring for Outdoor Spaces, new guidance from Scottish Government’s Out to Play series

03 October 2023

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New guidance on Caring for Outdoor Spaces from the Scottish Government’s Out to Play series has launched. 

Thrive Outdoors have continued to support the development of the Out to Play series with our very own fund manager Mairi Ferris contributing to the drafting of this chapter. This publication builds on the original Out to Play guidance published in 2019 and the supplementary chapters focusing on Out-of-School care, childminding and for children with additional support needs. 

The guidance aims to support practitioners to provide great outdoor play experiences for our children. Caring for Our Outdoor Spaces concentrates on making the most of the outdoor spaces your group uses and caring for the environment through embedding learning for sustainability.  

Mairi Ferris, Fund Manager at Thrive Outdoors said, “What I love about this new chapter of the Out to Play series is that it supports us to come together with the environment, as part of nature, not apart from nature.  

“This really helps us to think deeper about outdoor play and learning and for that, it is an incredibly helpful resource.” 

Read the resource here