About Thrive Outdoors

Inspiring Scotland is a national charity focused on improving the lives of people and communities across Scotland. We do this by harnessing the power of the private, public, and voluntary sectors. The Thrive Outdoors programme sits within Inspiring Scotland's priority area of Improving the Life Chances of Children and Young People.

Thrive Outdoors’ vision is for a sustainable Scotland where our children and young people can play, learn, and thrive outdoors.

Our team has immense passion and a wealth of experience spanning decades as practitioners and leaders in outdoor play and learning. We are here to support organisations like yours, to successfully navigate our sector and increase your impact - providing more young people with opportunities to thrive outdoors.

Since Inspiring Scotland first began investing in play we have worked with hundreds of organisations including schools, nurseries, charities, NGOs, funders, universities, and research institutes, as well as local authorities and national government.

We will support you in three ways:


To connect

you with other organisations in our vast network across outdoor play and learning to share best-practice, collaborate, innovate, and embed long term change.


To enable

outdoor learning and play at all levels, through consultancy, specialist training for practitioners and leadership development.


To influence

the future of outdoor play and learning by deepening our evidence base through research, informing policy, and attracting more funding to our sector.

Outdoor play and learning are fundamental for a brighter future for Scotland’s children and young people. If you share our vision, get in touch at Thrive@inspiringscotland.org.uk to talk about how we could help!

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